Summer Eats

For my entire life I have been a rather picky eater. My childhood diet mostly consisted of chicken, potatoes, cheese, and pb&j. I can’t say it’s much different as an adult. When it comes to summer eating I have a goal of eating healthier. Luckily we are only about a week into summer and all of these pictures were taken before that. In order of appearance we have Applebees, our local Co-Op, My Verona, a little at-home cooking, Fiesta Jalisco, Pancheros, and the last two are both Dairy Queen. I’m hoping to do a lot more cooking at home using fresh veggies and fruits from the farmers market. For the month of July I am driving a detasseling bus so I will be packing cold lunches in the mornings, and will probably be too tired to cook dinner. I think a fun solution will be making more meals to freeze, like these!

Well I’ve been home sick the last two days so my weekend will be filled with catching up on cleaning, and laundry! I think Anna is coming to town too so I hope to send some time with her!!



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