Guide to Garage Sales

As promised I’m giving you my garage sale plan! To start you want to find where the garage sales are. I think the best place to look is your local newspaper. I check Monday – Friday and clip the ads of each garage sale. During the week I tape them to my desk, but on Friday I tape them all to a piece of paper. If you have an iPhone you can download apps like Garage Sale Rover, or iGarageSale.

Next you will want to map out all your garage sales! On this particularly busy day I used GoogleMaps. While it might be possible, I can’t seem to figure out how enter many locations into my phone, so I used my computer and then took a screen shot. I also number on my paper the order in which the sales come on the map.

Next you make an incredibly tasty breakfast! You need energy to snag the best deals in town! I got this recipe from Rachel’s blog. HOLY YUM. It was super easy too. Cooked in just enough time for us to calculate our plan of action!

Usually I go to 3 types of sales, church sales, estate/tag sales, and actual in-the-garage garage sales. Church sales are great because there is usually TONS of stuff. While I don’t have a picture of my loot, when I left this church sale I got a lamp, thermos, antique nut grinder, vegetable steamer, big ben clock, 1970’s butter dish, 2 skirts, a blouse, and the best steal.. a vintage designer wool coat with a real fur collar.. and how much did I spend?.. $15.00! That was all my garage saling this weekend as the weather isn’t so great (cloudy and cold), but I’m perfectly happy with all that I got!

The next kind of sale is an estate or tag sale. Around here there are several companies that come into peoples homes to help them sell their stuff. Some of these companies that run these sales over price their stuff, and are just plain rude, so watch out for those! But other times you can find really great things! As I dress as an old lady I always seem to find dresses I like. They also usually have great patterns, or craft books. If you ever need kitchen supplies these are some of the best places to look because usually the people are moving into a retirement home where they will not be cooking for themselves.

The last kind of sale is an actual garage sale! I don’t have a pictures of the inside of someone’s garage because I’m a bit shy when it comes to saying “Can I take a picture of this?”  I’m sure the day I ask the person will be like “What the dill is wrong with you!?”  Garage sales are usually the lowest in price. However, most people having garage sales are getting rid of things that are outdated, but not necessarily ‘cool’. Garage saling takes a lot of patients. You might go to 20 garage sales and only come home with a couple items. You run into lots of baby clothes, and lots of outdated electronics. DON’T GIVE UP! There is always a diamond in the rough! For example, last weekend I found this box of Mason jars, 15 for $2.00. I’m giving them to Nicole to use as her center pieces at her wedding.

After it’s all said and done, REWARD YOURSELF! Grab a pop or coffee along the way to refuel and a milkshake when it’s all said and done! I’d also recommend finding a really great garage saling buddy. As I’ve mentioned before my Mom is mine, and she’s the BEST.

Well I hope you learned a little sometime! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!



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