11 Things

Let’s pretend Allie tagged me to do this so that it’s like I have some sort of commitment, not that I’ve just been lacking in blog posts and it’s a good excuse to write one, kay? Kay. So Allie’s blog is actually one of my favorite blogs ever. She is my only real life friend that blogs on a really regular basis. I mean, she’s dedicated.

I‘ve always been a celebrity. 

1. I’m obsessed with stuff. If I didn’t think hoarding was just about the most disgusting thing ever, I’d be one. For example today I brought home a new sheet, a scarf, a framed drawing of flowers, a sweater, sunglasses, coral jeans, some scent packs for my car, and a throw pillow. Yesterday my Mother, who pretends to not support my habit, bought me a coat, ice cream bowls, a vintage party set(napkins, coasters, mint dishes), a glass jar, and a little cup for cream. As you can see that a lot of stuff for 2 days. Please keep in mind almost all these items were thrifted!

2. If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it’d be pizza. But if I had to eat one meal it would be my grandma’s rice crispy chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, watermelon, and a big glass of milk. I’m now hungry.

3. I make up songs/raps about my life, like.. getting mail, finding my keys, walking from one room to the next… I have a frequent list of songs I use the tune too; for example, Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”. I also narrate others actions with these songs, most frequently at work, or in Matt’s car. I’ve actually become pretty catchy and kind of funny.

4. I am a horrible speller. However, after receiving a very bizarre letter on my desk one afternoon I discovered I’m not the worst. “Verry” “Posta” “Optain” … yep, not the worst.

5. Once upon a time I came upon a box of doilies. I’d never had a doily, and then I found a box full, for like $3.00 at a garage sale. I plan on using them at my wedding, but I currently use them all over my house. I now have a doily addition.

6. I have a never ending list of projects. I really need to start using my planner again and create deadlines to have them finished by. The first would be to start my mid-century inspired entertainment center that my Dad and I are building together!

7. I have a couple weird phrases that I’ve been saying and writing since I was in junior high. I often write “_____ <3’s boiz” on post-its or people’s notes. It’s weird. I also say “meow”, a lot. I also always think “What’s your favorite color?” But I only ask about half as often. Matt and I have an ongoing game of what colors are his favorite.

8. I enjoying cooking. I recently helped one of the groups at the school I work at make a Soul Food dinner! It was an awesome learning experience and makes me want to trying cooking more new foods.

9. I drink A LOT of apple juice. I have a jug at work, and a jug at home. I can drink a whole one in day.. I try not too, but sometimes it’s an accident. I have a faint birthmark on my leg and when I was little I would lick it because I thought it was apple juice.. bit of an oddball.

10. I talk about wanting a kitten all the time. This kind of goes along with the meow thing. I just like the idea of having a kitten. We can’t have pets in our house, and I really don’t actually want one, but I like the idea. But fur, and pee, and claws, and money, meh.

11. When I was in 3rd grade I really wanted glasses, so I faked I couldn’t see well to get them. They were gold with blue and teal on them. I called them my “reading glasses” but I got them because I couldn’t see far away. Kids. Now I really have glasses because I really can’t see far away. Duh.

Now onto Allie’s questions.

1. Who is your favorite person? My Mother (sorry Matt). It’s just she’s so cool and fun to hang out with. We tried to go grocery shopping together one day and I forgot like 10 things and we had to go up and down the isles a million times because we just don’t stop talking. She also enjoys going thrifting and to garage sales with me!
2. What is your biggest pet peeve? I’m pretty sure I have like 100 biggest pet peeves. I recently saw a man with his elbows on the table SHOVELING food into his never closed mouth. Pet peeve.
3. If you had to pick one outfit to wear everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be? A vintage dress and espadrille wedges. I just learned what espadrilles are today.. fancy.
4. What is one thing you are really really good at? Creative, artsy, crafty, stuff. At work if anyone has any sort of artsy project they bring it to me. Like fancy Word documents, or folding napkins pretty. I’ve started making a new paper project for every month and whenever people see me working on it they always say “You’re really creative, aren’t you?” Well I guess, yes.
5. If you weren’t in your current profession, what other profession would you choose? I’d like to be a thrifter/decorator for the love of my life, Nate Berkus.
6. What do you do when you are trying to procrastinate? Watch entire seasons of TV shows on Netflix. I procrastinate for a long long time.
7. What are the 3 closets things to you right now? Like 400 coupons.. so I guess that counts as 3 but.. a planner, and Lia Sophia/Scentsy books.
8. If you were to describe yourself (not physically!) to someone who didn’t know you, what 5 words would you use? Crafty, thrifty, vintage-y(?), sarcastic, sweet.
9. What traits or quirks did you inherit from your parents? I am pretty much an equal balance of both my parents. A couple include that I am a light sleeper like my Mom, and I got a GIANT sweet tooth from Dad.
10. What would your perfect day consist of? Kittens, unicorns, pizza, my favorite people, sunshine and warm weather.. all outside.

And some questions.. this is going to be impossible as this took me forever (2 days) to write.

1. Favorite color?
2. If you were an animal what animal would you be, and why?
3. If you had to be born during a different era, which would you pick?
4. Favorite TLC show?
5. Least favorite smell, besides the obvious ones, like poop. HA
6. Favorite holiday?
7. Would you rather never see snow, or never see grass?
8. Hottest celebrity.
9. Most hilarious high school memory.
10. Most awkward encounter ever.
11. Last meal?




One thought on “11 Things

  1. Yes! I love this! I get so excited when you update your blog. When I saw you did this I got extra excited! I should have tagged you, I was going to tag some of my blogging but I got nervous it was stupid. Glad you did it 🙂

    I appreciate that you read my blog because you leave comments in the comments section rather than commenting on the link I post on Facebook (i.e. my mother.)

    I want to come to CF and thrift with you!!


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