Fashion Faux Pas

I am really not a pants person. I used to ONLY wear jeans, I don’t own any now. I own 2 pairs of pants (jeggings, and leggings don’t count)! When Nic spotted these while we were out thrifting the other day I tried them on as sort of a joke. Turns out we thought they were totally boss. I also purchased this gold studded sweater. So while I may be a walking faux pas, I love these pants and there was no way I was waiting 5 odd months to wear them! Matt snapped a couple quick shots of me on my lunch break for my first outfit post on WordPress. I still feel pretty awkward taking outfit photos in the snow, I can never find a good spot to stand at the drop of a hat, and without Anna to correct my posture, I end up feeling like an oaf in almost all my pictures. Hopefully after 3 days a week of DDR I will be back to my old self in no time. But I HAD to show you these awesome pants!



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