Moving Sales

One of my favorite things to do during the warmer months is to garage sale. I went almost every weekend this past summer with my Mom. We had a blast, even when we didn’t find anything. Once October came around the ads in the paper for garage sales basically disappeared. Every week I check the paper, most sales the last couple months have been auctions for farming equipment. However last week a wonderful thing appeared, not one, but TWO sales! I quickly cut the ads out of the paper and taped them to my desk at work. I was NOT missing these babies. One was a moving sale, which I learned this summer is an estate sale run by a local business. Although their prices can be a bit high, they always have half off sales on Saturday. The next was a local antique and craft store that was going out of business, 75% off everything! On top of that it was 25 cent Friday at Saint Vinnies. I knew this weekend would be one heck of a deal.

We are still in the moving-in process and while we certainly don’t lack furniture we are still missing some essential pieces. We now have (sort-of) matching bedside tables which were found at the closeout sale! The chair, which I bought while my best friend Anna was in town earlier last week, will replace one we have that is basically unusable. I plan on recovering it and maybe painting it. At the estate sale I found two new dresses, and a new top (not pictured). I love estate sales because the owners were usually much older people, and well, I dress like an old lady. I also scored some “Magicubes”, which after further investigation are apparently broken? Not sure if you can see it but the X on the front is supposed blue and when red means the flash has gone bad. I’m sort of hoping it still flashes, we will see! Oh, I will be using these on my Instamatic X-35 Kodak film camera that I got when I bought the chair. At the 25 cent sale I bought a 1960 Knox recipe magazine. It’s all photos of things made with gelatine! Although I am not a huge gelatine fan I love seeing things like cauliflower suspended a lime green fish. I also bought an old Rath canned ham recipe book. Rath Packing was a pork packing company that was HUGE in Waterloo until it went under in the 80’s. It’s actually a fascinating story that would make a great post. Maybe I will sneak into some of the old buildings and take pictures. I also bought a label maker, address/phone number organizer, and plastic tissue box. I bought the old ice-cube tray at the estate sale as well. At the final closeout sale I bought the green coffee thermos to add the my collection on top of my fridge, earrings, and the records (Nancy Sinatra lookin’ fiiiine).

Today I went back to the closeout sale with my Mom, where all items were now 80% off. I picked up a few of the things I thought were a little pricey yesterday like a vintage black clutch, vintage cloth napkins and pillow cases, a new bracelet, vintage doily gloves, a pan lid organizer, and a basket full of vintage glass christmas ornaments. So I may have gone a little over my budget but when things are so cheap sometimes it’s hard to pass them up.

Keeping on track with my NY resolutions my mother and I went on a walk through a nearby cemetery. There are stones of people who died in the early 1800’s! Super cool! I wish every headstone had a little paragraph about the person’s life. If, and when, I have to bury my family, I will type up a little story for all other cemetery walkers.

Hope everyone had  great weekend, and enjoy your week!
Ciao! Hannah


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